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Fulton County, GA Rules and Regulations on Grease Traps

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You are probably aware of the importance of grease traps if you live in Fulton County. It is possible that you are not familiar with the rules and regulations of grease traps. You should consult the local municipal code if this is the case. FSE wastewater rules are also part of the code, including FOG disposal regulations. It can be difficult to navigate through the hundreds of pages of legalese. There is help, such as this guide.

Rules and regulations

You may not be aware of the rules and regulations regarding grease traps, Fulton County in Georgia. While it's important you adhere to the rules to avoid potential legal and financial penalties, you don’t want to break any of them. Fulton County requires that grease traps are inspected at least once a year. The county also has specific cleaning schedules depending on the type of trap. Learn more about these rules to help you understand them.

Commercial car washes must follow a particular rule. To prevent FOG from escaping into the city's sewers, they must use a grease trap. The rules require commercial truck and car wash facilities to have a grease trap. They must also employ an grit removal device. These rules can be ignored and you can still use other pretreatment methods.

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Inspection requirements

Fulton County in Georgia conducts grease trap inspections only once per year. Fulton County, Georgia requires grease trap cleanliness to be inspected once a year. The date of inspection depends on the type and size grease traps that are used in your business. To be compliant with Fulton County's grease trap inspection requirements, you must have an FOG waste transporter and grease trap servicer provide manifests to the County.

Fulton County grease trap regulations require that your grease trap be cleaned at minimum once a year in order to avoid any violations. The grease trap is an underground storage tank that holds food wastes from kitchens. It is not to be used for garbage disposals, dumpsters or can wash areas. Discharge requirements may differ depending on the type of food facility. A commercial pretreatment system must be used for microbreweries.

Service charges

Fulton County has no problem cleaning grease traps and maintaining them. To cover additional COVID cleaning, the Highways & Facilities Department added several cleaning costs to this year. The county amended its budget for 2021 to partially cover this cost. The Highways & Facilities Department's weekly COVID cleaning of the Fulton County Complex I & II has been continued since then. Midday cleaning of the County Office Building will continue until the end, at $200.

Grease is messy and can also be dangerous. Grease can create an unhealthy atmosphere, and it can also cause back ups or accidents. Grease trap services can cost far less than those associated with fines and other repercussions. So what should you expect from a service provider? For more information, please read the following. Hiring a fulton county grease trap company has several benefits.

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Grease trap location

Your Atlanta plumber will need to know the exact location of your grease trap. A trap is a device which intercepts grease contents from sewage. The grease can then be skimmed off for disposal. You will pay less to service your trap if it is easy to reach. A trap located in a difficult-to-reach location, on the other hand, will require additional compensation for its cleaning.

It is essential to use a grease trap if your commercial establishment produces grease or fats. This will prevent the grease from entering the sanitary sewage system. This system is not able to handle large amounts grease. A grease trap is designed to collect grease and keep it from getting into the public sewer system. Because grease can't drain naturally, it is essential to regularly clean your grease trap. To avoid getting fined, make sure you clean your grease trap at least once a week.

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Fulton County, GA Rules and Regulations on Grease Traps