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Carolinas Home Inspector - Bill Boan

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Bill Boan, Certified Service Excellence group's home inspector in Carolinas, has been helping Charlotte-area homeowners to find new homes for years. To ensure that your expectations are met, he uses the latest and most popular technologies and APIs. You can read more about Bill Boan and what he has to say. This article will outline the top three benefits to hiring a certified home inspector.

Bill Boan

Bill Boan, NC licensed home inspector, was formerly a NC general contractor and is now a real-estate broker. He has built volume and custom homes, as well as managed subdivisions. Bill Boan has a wealth of experience in both construction and real-estate. He is also a certified home inspector and has earned a reputation for being an expert on his subject. Bill Boan, Carolinas' home inspector, offers free reports for you to decide if the property is worth your time.

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Bill Boan is licensed to inspect homes

Bill Boan is a licensed home inspector with extensive experience in the construction industry. He is a third-generation homebuilder who has built custom and volume homes as well as managed subdivisions. Bill has been involved in the construction and real-estate industry for more than 25 years. He is well versed in the various issues homeowners might face. Visit his website to learn more about his qualifications and experience. This website has been viewed 86,257 times!

North Carolina Home Inspectors Licensing Board requires that licensed home inspectors follow strict standards of professional practice. It is a major investment to sell a house. Therefore, it is crucial that you hire an expert who will help protect your investment. Bill Boan is a member of the Internachi and has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. His goal is to provide clients with the best service possible.

Bill Boan has been licensed as a SC home inspector

Bill Boan, a NC licensed inspector, has a background as both a real estate broker and a general contractor. He has experience in developing and building custom and volume houses, as well managing subdivisions. Bill has been actively engaged in the real estate and construction industry for more than 25 years. He has the experience to provide comprehensive and objective reports to homebuyers. He can also help you understand the tax and insurance implications of your home purchase.

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Bill has been a member of International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (15 years) He is committed to providing the best services for his customers. He has a solid background in home inspection. Licensed home inspectors follow strict standards of practice. You can read these testimonials to learn more about Bill Boan. Hire him to inspect your home. He will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with a complete report.

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Can a handyman put in new fixtures or appliances for me?

These types of projects can be done by a handyman. It is important to know the exact type of appliance or fixture that you are installing before you begin.

Who will do my handyman project?

You won't find a cheaper price for a local handyman if you're looking to have a job done quickly, such as fixing a leaky faucet or replacing a lightbulb. You might also consider hiring a handyman to do multiple jobs such as installing floor tiles or repairing your roof.

If you are looking for someone who can offer ongoing support, such as regular maintenance, then you probably want to use a handyman service like Handyman Services.

Does a handyman make suggestions about how to improve my home?

Absolutely! A handyman is skilled in all aspects of home maintenance and repair. A handyman is able to identify what needs fixing and what can be left alone. So don't hesitate to ask for advice whenever you need it.

Why hire a handyman when I can do it myself?

Hiring a handyman saves time and money. This saves you time and money. A handyman will have all the equipment and supplies necessary to complete the job correctly.

What qualifications are necessary to be a handyman

As a handyman, patience is the most important skill. Experience with electrical systems, plumbing skills, and home maintenance is a must.

There are many job opportunities for qualified people, but you might not be qualified if you don’t know what they mean.

You may want to look into getting training at a school that offers these courses.

Is it necessary to train a handyman for my work?

No. Handymen already have the skills and knowledge to complete any job. You only need to provide the materials needed to complete the task.

Do professional handyman services really make sense?

This will depend on the type and scope of your project. A professional handyman service will be helpful if you have a complicated project such as an office remodel.


  • “Once the pandemic hit, that number fell to about 20%.” (inquirer.com)
  • Mila keeps a commission of 20% for each completed service performed by Friends and charges various service fees regarding work done by Pros. (appjobs.com)
  • With a strong housing market, the handyman and general maintenance worker industry are expected to grow by nearly 10% in the next decade. (housecallpro.com)
  • Another estimate was that the market in the United States was $126 billion and was increasing by about 4% annually. (en.wikipedia.org)
  • A franchise was approximately $110,000 with a franchise fee of $14,900, according to a spokesperson for a national handyman franchise. (en.wikipedia.org)

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How To

How to Replacing a Broken Tile

Step 1 – Remove the tiles.

The tiles should be removed from the flooring and placed aside. These tiles will be useful later on, so you'll need to keep them intact. Note which pieces are missing or damaged to avoid having to search for replacements.

Step 2 - Select New Tiles

Take a look at some different options available for tile replacement.

  1. You can find a tile replacement that is similar to the one you have just removed.
  2. Use the measurements you took when removing the tile to find a matching piece. This will make it much easier to find the right size without measuring again.
  3. Look for various colors, patterns, textures, sizes, shapes, etc.
  4. Consider what grout you prefer to use. Some people prefer a certain color, others like to mix it up.
  5. It is important to ensure that the tile you choose resists moisture.
  6. Finally, consider the placement of your new tile -- you can save time and money by ensuring the area you're installing it in has enough space for proper installation.
  7. Once you've chosen your tile, order it online or call your local Lowe's store to place your order.

Step 3 – Install the new tiles.

You can install new tiles in the same way you did before. Make sure they are aligned correctly so that they fit together perfectly.

Step 4 – Clean up

Before putting down the final layer of protective material, clean up all the debris from the floor.

This will stop dirt and dust from entering the cracks between tiles.

Step 5 - Sand Down the Floor

After you have cleaned everything, sand the floor to remove any particles that were left from the previous step.

Step 6 -- Finish Off

Once the floor is completely smooth, apply the protective coatings to the tiles. Wait until the floor is completely smooth before applying the protective coatings to the tiles. Wet paint could stain the tiles' surface.

For stain protection, you can always use a product called "damp&dry" to clean your floors.

It won't solve every problem after your tiles are installed. You might want to add an anti-slip coating to the protective layer if there are a lot of children.

Remember to let the protective sealer remain on for several additional weeks before you move into your home.



Carolinas Home Inspector - Bill Boan