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How To Use Negative Keywords For Handyman Advertising

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There are many methods of advertising handymen. Word of mouth has proven to be an effective form of advertising for many businesses. Research shows that 92% trust recommendations over advertising. Word of mouth advertising is a great form of handyman marketing if it's done right. Visibility is another great form of handyman branding. While visibility may be expensive initially, it can help you establish a strong presence. If your budget allows, you can also post ads on Google.


Advertising can be a handyman with Google's AdWords. You can modify the appearance of your ads and the location of them on the search engine. You can also add ad extensions to your ad, such as a phone number and a sitelink. These extensions are great for increasing your business. You can also use them to give away design materials to potential customers.

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Social media

The handyman industry is a billion dollar industry, so you must find ways to get new customers. Social media marketing is one of the best ways to do this. You can win lots of brownie points by sharing information about your business on social media. There are millions of people using it. YouTube can also be used for advertising your services. YouTube has more users than 1.8billion per month. YouTube is an ideal platform for marketing handyman services.


A website is a great way to market your handyman services. It must be search engine friendly, present the handyman's services clearly, and be easy for people to book. This article will highlight some of the top websites that allow handyman advertising. Continue reading to find out how to create a website to work for your company. This article contains helpful tips to help you get new customers. These are some tips to help you build a website quickly and efficiently.

Negative keywords

Most likely, negative keywords will be used when you create an advertisement for handyman services. Negative keywords will block your ads from appearing in search results for people not interested in your service. These keywords will also stop others from clicking on the ad you have posted, which will save you time and money. Here are some negative keywords to be used in handyman advertising.

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Customer lifetime value

How do you measure customer life expectancy (CLV). This simple measure allows you to track the number customers who return to your business after a specific period. CLV is an important metric to help you determine how your marketing efforts have contributed to it. A coffee shop is a great example of how to best understand CLV. Customers who visit a coffee shop at least three times per year will spend on average $4.


What's the typical time taken to complete a DIY project like this?

A DIY project can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. The difficulty and complexity of the project will affect how long it takes.

How often do I need to hire a handyman

It depends on the nature and scope of your project. If you are looking for a quick fix, like installing a lightbulb, you may only need one handyman per week. If there are many remodeling tasks involved, however, you might need several handymen.

Are handymen insured?

Yes! Yes. Many insurance companies cover liability claims that exceed $1 million for bodily injuries and property damage. This means that you will be compensated by your insurance company if anything goes wrong during the project.

How do I find a trusted handyman?

Before you hire a handyman, make sure to check their references. Ask your family and friends if they have ever used them. Look online too - there are many sites where handymen leave reviews.

What is the hourly rate for a handyman?

A handyman charges between $50-$75 per hour. They have been doing this for many years. On average, they work for around 10 hours. They do not need to be advertised; they are well-known in the area.

They have a tendency to be specialized and develop customer relationships over time.

They are quick, reliable, and affordable. This is the key difference between them and other contractors.

The majority of people have at least 2 or 3 friends who they trust enough that they call them when they need assistance.

Some people are so skilled that they run their own businesses.

Who will complete my handyman work?

Professional handymen are the best option if you're looking for someone local who can do a job such as replacing a light bulb or fixing a leaky faucet. Handyman services are also available for larger jobs like repairing or installing floor tiles.

Handyman Services, a handyman service, can provide you with ongoing support like maintenance.

How long does it take a handyman to finish a project?

It depends on the size of the project. Smaller projects tend to take longer to complete, while larger ones usually take less time. A handyman can usually finish a project in one week, regardless of its size.


  • “Before the pandemic, 40% of people asked how we could estimate a job when we weren't there,” Rose recalled. (inquirer.com)
  • More than 20% of homes in America have outdoor living spaces, including decks and patios. (mrhandyman.com)
  • Our handyman services for seniors are provided by professional senior helpers who have been serving the community for over 20 years with 98% customer satisfaction. (cantatahomeservices.org)
  • A franchise was approximately $110,000 with a franchise fee of $14,900, according to a spokesperson for a national handyman franchise. (en.wikipedia.org)
  • An estimate was that in 2003, the market for home maintenance and repair spending was up 14% 2001 to 2003. (en.wikipedia.org)

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How To Use Negative Keywords For Handyman Advertising